We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

100% Natural, Tested And Analysed CBD Products
Organic And Natural

Every single one of the CBD products listed on our website is 100% natural. Furthermore we do not permit products on which herbicides and fungicides have been utilized. Guaranteeing you a product as nature meant.

CBD oils
Gold Standard Products

Not only is the hemp utilized in the production procedure exceptionally clean, but it has also been selectively bred to guarantee that its CBD percentage is higher than that of regular hemp. We can confidently assert the quality of the products included on our website.

Checked In The Laboratory

All of the CBD oil included on our website is lab tested in laboratories in Switzerland. We check for CBD content, cannabinoids and possible pollutants to guarantee both security and quality. Only the very best products feature on our website.

Is CBD legal?

Europewide the legal level of CBD in a CBD product is 0.2%. Furthermore, that product has to have been made from commercial hemp.

A CBD Primer

Cannabidiol called CBD is naturally present in marijuana, of which there are 2 types – hemp and marijuana. CBD is a lot more common in hemp, whereas THC the phycoactive part is dominant in marijuana.

CBD is just one of over 100 cannabinoids discovered in the hemp plant. These cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors in the body which is accountable for homeostasis within the body.

What does homeostasis do? It is a crucial regulator for our internal systems to keep them operating in harmony. Things like appetite, heart rate and high blood pressure to name a few. In order for the body to keep your heart rate constant, or to manage your body temperature level, chemicals messages are sent to the brain. CBD stimulates these receptors and assists to increase or decrease the internal processes as required.

THC, what is it?

THC is more common in marijuana than in hemp. It has psychedelic properties, otherwise called getting high, which impacts the users mind and alters the cerebral rhythm. THC is unlawful if present at a rate of over 1% in the marijuana flower. For CBD prodcuts the level has to be under 0.2%.

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